Certain Saturdays at Lost Lake Lounge | 3602 East Colfax | Denver, Colorado

April 19th -- Rooney, Katz & Cohen

Kathleen Rooney  is a founding editor of Rose Metal Press  and a founding member of Poems While You Wait http://poemswhileyouwait.tumblr.com/ . She is the author, most recently of the novel in poems Robinson Alone (Gold Wake, 2012) http://www.spdbooks.org/Producte/9780983700142/default.aspx and her debut novel O, Democracy! http://www.amazon.com/O-Democracy-Kathleen-Rooney/dp/0984651098 has just been released by Fifth Star Press. Her latest chapbook with Elisa Gabbert is The Kind of Beauty that has Nowhere to Go from the feminist publisher Hyacinth Girl Press.  http://hyacinthgirlpress.com/news/sept13-news.html Follow her @KathleenMRooney https://twitter.com/KathleenMRooney

Julia Cohen is the author of two books, Collateral Light and Triggermoon Triggermoon. Her work appears in journals like jubilat, Banango Street, and Bomb. These days, she lives in Chicago. 

Vincent Katz

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